Top Six 3-Star Hotels in Chandigarh

Top Six 3-Star Hotels in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is renowned for being the first planned city in India after Independence and for the quality of its urban planning and architecture. Chandigarh, often known as “CITY BEAUTIFUL,” is a unique combination of peace, natural beauty, and modernism. Because of its proximity to the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas, it has a magnetic allure in addition to bringing natural components (flora and fauna species) into its metropolitan limits. Chandigarh holds a prominent position in terms of economy, finance, education, politics, technology, and tourism in addition to being the capital of two Indian states (Punjab and Haryana). For a variety of reasons, from business to pleasure, a sizable number of tourists—both local and foreign—visit this planned metropolis. Chandigarh is incredibly amazing in nearly every way, and the same is true of its luxury hotels. These Chandigarh luxury hotels elevate the idea of opulent living with their imposing exteriors, stately interiors, unmatched hospitality, stylish bathrooms, popular bars, and fine dining establishments, expansive ballrooms, and an abundance of recreational amenities to keep you entertained while you’re there. We’ve put together a list of the top 6 3-star hotels in Chandigarh since choosing just one would be tough given the abundance of these establishments. These hotels will turn your ordinary visit into an enchanting experience.


The Hotel Rajshree in Chandigarh offers every conceivable luxury in a setting that feels like home. It is a magnificent fusion of contemporary and traditional values of true hospitality. A world of luxury amenities is created by the hotel’s exquisitely designed rooms and suites, which have a particular feeling of comfort and style and are matched by excellent services. To make all of their customers feel comfortable throughout their stay at their hotel, they work hard to deliver the greatest customer service conceivably. This opulent hotel has a wide array of facilities and services, including a spa, fine dining restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and much more. A business meeting, conference, show, seminar, workshop, exhibition, product launch, family get-together, cat party, or wedding may all be held at the Hotel Rajshree Chandigarh.


One of the top three-star hotels in the tri-city is North Park. There are 28 rooms at this resort, all of which are quite luxurious and comfortable. To draw guests, the resort’s interior is quite attractive. This location is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, and the traditional building adds to the atmosphere’s tranquility and elegance. In addition to its atmosphere and look, Hotel North Park is renowned for its unrivaled amenities, including a huge grass or garden area for big meetings or wedding ceremonies, a fitness center and spa, an outdoor swimming pool, a nightclub and bar, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. You may also ask them for leisure amenities in addition to that.


The finest option for lodging whether for work or pleasure will be KLG Star Light. This 3-star hotel offers opulent suites and rooms decorated in the European style. You also have access to the fully equipped fitness facility, so you can work out hard to get your day started. An on-site restaurant serves a variety of cuisines all day long and serves a crispy breakfast. Excellent hospitality and top-notch customer service are provided by KLG Star Light. Visitors to the city, businesspeople, and tourists should pick this. Additionally, they provide you access to their restaurant, seminar, conference, and banquet hall facilities. Your stay at the hotel will be greatly enhanced by its luxurious amenities, lovely atmosphere, and elegant décor.


In Chandigarh, Hotel Park Plaza is a well-known lodging option. The outstanding and premium categories of luxury suites and rooms at this location are well-known. To draw customers, the hotel is furnished with the newest amenities and cutting-edge infrastructure. This hotel is very accessible and convenient to commute from the local bus stop, airport, and national Highway since it is located on the highway and in the border area of Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Zirakpur. For all your business and family occasions, Hotel Park Plaza is accessible with a built-in restaurant, board rooms, and conference spaces. The hotel’s guest rooms are all furnished with conveniences and various amenities. There will be plenty of luxury and relaxation throughout your stay at the hotel. You may eat out or shop at the neighbouring grocery.


The Toy Hotel is a very special location in the city, as its name indicates. The boutique-style amenities and decor of this hotel are well-known. The hotel offers you the chance to explore modern architecture and decor. Additionally, you have roomy accommodations and cutting-edge amenities that reflect the hospitality industry’s progress. The Toy Hotel is located close to a supermarket where you can buy at upscale stores and eat at well-known food courts. You may also see movies at neighbouring cinemas. The outstanding interior design and room furnishings are much praised by its visitors. The greatest dine-in options are also available at this location.


On the list of top hotels in Chandigarh is Hotel Hometele. Along with a wide range of additional amenities, this location provides you with the most luxury infrastructure and the warmest hospitality. In this hotel, you may enjoy the finest of gest and hosting culture. They shine as industry leaders in the hotel sector because of their distinctive offerings. A built-in restaurant, money exchange services, and an emergency doctor are all accessible at Hotel Hometele. They frequently provide all the same amenities that you would have at home, but with added comfort and a homey atmosphere.    

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